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Kartik Raval 

Director of Business Development, Engineering

Kartik Raval, with background in Chemical Engineering (India) and MBA (USA), has been contributing to success stories within the Specialty Chemical Industry since 1996. Before joining Gasoliq Solutions, he worked for a Specialty Fluorochemical Manufacturer in Oklahoma, USA. He acquired immense expertise of the Electrolytic Cell for manufacturing Fluorine Gas. He worked rigorously and brilliantly to improve the performance of Fluorine Cell. His innovations resolved many long-standing issues with Fluorine Cell that reduced the cost of operations as well as maintenance. He is still passionate about improving the design of Fluorine Cell to the next level.

Kartik successfully led the operations of Fluorine Generation as well as manufacturing Electronic/Semiconductor Gases such as Chlorine Trifluoride (ClF3), Germanium Tetrafluoride (GeF4), Phosphorus Trifluoride (PF3), Tungsten Hexafluoride (WF6), and many other Fluorine derivatives. He mastered the handling of Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride (AHF) and Hydrofluoric Acid (HF). He introduced improvements in manufacturing of many fluorides using AHF and HF. He has also managed the manufacturing of Cationic Photoinitiators (Ultraviolet Photoinitiators) which involved the operations at a contract manufacturer’s facility in Mexico.

Kartik’s engineering skill and innovative aptitude were the reasons behind his achievements and innovations within Specialty Chemical Industry. He standardized and prepared the P&IDs and other drawings for several processes. He also standardized the Process Safety Management (PSM) program and completed PSMs studies for several Highly Hazardous Chemicals (HHCs). He standardized, administered, and participated in the Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) of multiple processes. He also standardized and created several technical documents such as operations manuals, SOPs, batchsheets, logsheets, checklists, forms, specsheets, etc.

Kartik learned to adapt to diverse cultures by living in three different countries namely India, Canada, & USA. His fluency in English and multiple Indian languages helps him in communicating with international professionals very effectively. The experience with diverse cultures has polished his understandings into global customer reach and perspectives.

Throughout these many years, Kartik mastered the art of eliminating deficiencies and optimizing efficiencies. His business and financial acumen make him an expert in establishing business strategies. The dedication and determination of Kartik to drive our business towards success is praiseworthy. His critical thinking and ability to overcome challenges makes him an essential member of our team.

Kartik’s decades-long experience in the service industry perfected his ability to provide excellent customer service. At Gasoliq, Kartik supports the strategic development of new markets and new products globally, while driving investments and strategic alliances with key customers and vendors.

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