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Navin Mathur

Director of Business Development,

Market Research

Navin Mathur brings over close to four decades of experience in the specialty chemical industry. He handled a wide variety of projects from conception to manufacturing. Throughout a distinguished career in the chemical industry, he consistently achieved remarkable growth and success. He led R&D efforts and implemented ISO-9001 & ISO-14001 standards during his tenure. Navin Mathur demonstrated expertise in Fluorine chemistry and various other chemical processes.

Navin has an excellent track record of working with multidisciplinary teams to implement process improvement. He designed single to multi step synthetic routes by utilizing scientific literature and led activities for process development and technical support.

Starting his career as Senior Manager R&D in a large aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturing company, Navin Mathur developed proprietary electrolytes for all ranges of capacitors for the first time in India and setup its production facility. Additionally, he established an R&D laboratory and process development of Anodizing of aluminum foils.

As the General Manager (Business Development) at Navin Fluorine International Limited (NFIL), he strategically promoted and drove remarkable growth & market penetration for Inorganic Fluoride (Bulk and specialty) and dye intermediates (Alkylated anilines & Toluidines) business. He successfully established new markets and expanded markets in various countries, including the USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, Sweden, Gulf countries, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa, and Brazil. Prior to that, as the Factory Manager at NFIL he oversaw day-to-day operations, achieved significant cost reductions, and ensured compliance with safety regulations. His tenure as Head of Quality Control & Assurance was marked by the implementation of rigorous quality standards and a comprehensive quality system, leading to ISO-9001 Certification.

Before joining Gasoliq Solutions, Navin Mathur, as a Director (Manufacturing) in a Specialty Fluorochemical manufacturing company, OK-USA played a major role in developing Carbon Monofluoride (CFx). CFx is the highest energy density fluorinated cathode material for primary Li/CFx batteries. As a key leader, he successfully led research activities for battery materials and inorganic fluorides and directed day-to-day operations of CFx production. His groundbreaking research led to significant advancements in Fluorination of various types of carbons, ranging from petroleum coke to fiber carbon nanotubes and fullerenes.

At Gasoliq Solutions Navin will focus on developing new business through his extensive experience and network in Asian Specialty Chemical market.

Navin Mathur has numerous publications in several reputed scientific journals. He holds a PhD. In Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India and a Diploma in Management.

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