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Shailesh 'Sam' Patel 

Shailesh Patel is a highly accomplished professional with a passion for leveraging technology to drive business success. With a master’s degree in computer science and an MBA from the University of Tulsa, Shailesh brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic business acumen to the organization.

Initially, Shailesh worked for a major telecommunication company as a project manager programming COT system software. After a few years as a corporate manager, Shailesh joined the family real estate business and continued developing several Hospitality projects globally.

Having gained enough confidence and knowledge in the hospitality industry, Shailesh slowly invested into domestic private equity as well as expanding into foreign markets with investments in India, Brazil, and China. Since 2010, Shailesh has been fortunate to be a part of multiple companies as both an early investor and board advisor where he excels at translating technical concepts into clear, concise language bridging the gap between technical teams and stakeholders.

Driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Shailesh strives to make a significant impact within all levels of an organization. His goal is to leverage his technical prowess with his business acumen to drive growth, enhance customer experience, and foster a healthy company culture. He has a strong desire to expand his portfolio and diversify into new areas to make the world a better place.

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