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Vivek Savant

Director of Business Development,

Electrical & Automation

As an Electrical Engineer by education, Vivek Savant has been offering his contribution to the success stories of several industries since 1981. Before joining Gasoliq Solutions, he worked for a Specialty Fluorochemical Manufacturing company in Oklahoma, USA for 22+ years. He has a wide range of experience through working in several industries including designing electrical & power control system, fabrication, and electrical distribution in India for 20+ years.

He installed, mastered, and improved the electrical equipment, devices, and instruments needed in operating Electrolytic Cell for producing Fluorine Gas. Besides electrical engineering, Vivek has successfully designed and installed most automation devices and panels during his previous tenure. Addition to automation of Fluorine gas generation, one of his most remarkable achievements was the automation of Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride (AHF) transfilling from a Railcar to Bulk Storage Tanks and from Bulk Storage Tanks to Intermediate Storage Tanks, small cylinders, and processes. He planned, designed, and installed numerous electrical and automation devices and panels for High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) lines such as bottle filling, labelling, and packaging systems.

Vivek’s engineering skill and hardworking ethos were the primary reasons behind his achievements. He possesses tremendous ability in solving problems be it electrical, automation, or mechanical. He assisted in standardizing and preparing the P&IDs and other drawings for several processes. He also contributed to the Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) of multiple processes. His precise planning and state of the art designing skill for control setup has helped companies increase production efficiency, cost reduction and energy conservation.

Highly dedicated and determined Vivek does not rest until he resolves the task at hand. This quality of his had been a very critical element that drove the previous companies towards success. His critical thinking and ability to overcome challenges makes him an essential member of our team.

At Gasoliq Solutions, Vivek will focus on business development involving electrical contracts, energy conservation consultation, design & installation of devices (panels, single & three phase power distribution, generators, transformers, etc.), automation solutions (HMI, data historian systems, mass flow controllers, flow meters, pressure transducers, differential pressure gauges), gas leak detection systems, emergency shutdown systems, electrical parts sourcing and distribution.

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